Rein Chains

Rein Chains are handmade, so lengths are approximate. Sold by the pair; available in Stainless, Blue, Lt. Brown, Antique Brown, Gray and Black.

For identification left to right:
RC 5 double link 10.5 inches
RC 3 fish leader 12 inches,
RC 2 bent wire staple 14 inches, swivel-in-the-middle
RC 1 long 11.5 inches
RC 2 short 8.5 inches

Rein Hooks

Rein hooks or "ganchos" may need to be replaced if your bit has seen some wear or abuse. They have silver caps.

Slobber/Bottom Chains

Rein Swivels

Les Vogt's Silver Bits & Spurs introduces our new silver inlaid rein chain connector swivel. The swivel will add weight for more pre-load and help keep your reins from twisting. Color choices are as follows; Blue, Antique Brown, Lt. Brown, Gray or Black. Exclusive to Les Vogt's Silver Bits & Spurs.