Rowels & Pins: Plain or  Silver Inlaid

These are sold by the pair only. Color choices are as follows; Stainless, Blue, Antique bBown, Lt. Brown, Gray or Black. Inlaid rowels are an additional. Rowel pins w/ silver caps available by the pair. Jingle Bobs (w/pins) plain or with inlaid stripes. Availability of rowels are as follows:

1” rowel - regular 8 pt. 10 pt. 12 pt.
1” rowel– cloverleaf
1” rowel– regular 6 pt. 10 pt. 12 pt.
1” rowel- cloverleaf
1” rowel- regular 6pt. 10 pt. 12 pt. 16 pt. 18 pt. 20 pt.
1” rowel- regular 20 pt.

Jingle Bobs: Plain or Silver Inlaid
Spur Discs
Heel Chains