Silver Stirrups:
Color choices are as follows; Blue, Antique Brown, Lt. Brown, Gray or Black.

Stirrups are only sold by the pair. For options for the tops and bottoms with leathers, please call your local Les Vogt's Silver Bits & Spurs dealer.

S1 Narrow Flat Bottom w/ Card Suits
S1 Narrow Flat Bottom overlaid in
silver without the card suits
S2 Oxbow Fully Overlaid
S3 Oxbow Triangles and Diamonds
S4 Oxbow Inlaid Arrows
S5 Visalia Style Overlaid Eagle
S6 Oxbow Inlaid Floral
S7 Oxbow Overlaid Floral
S8 Oxbow Silver Inlaid Border with Raised Iron Scroll
S9 Visalia Style Heart and Diamond w/Concho