“It is absolutely amazing how people whom have studied the Cowhorse U Program show up to clinics so far ahead of the crowd,” says National Reined Cow Horse Hall of Fame Horseman Les Vogt.

The Cowhorse U foundation program consists of a stair step sequential series of exercises and tests that build on what has been accomplished in the prior exercises. Four DVDs, a workbook with illustrations, notes and photographs combine with a training schedule for a power packed package for any rider or horse.

Watch for the Monday night RFD-TV “Equine Insights with Les Vogt” this April. Les will visit about training tips. He will then be joined by his friend and world famous western photographer/publisher, David Stoecklein. David will lend his expertise to instruct the audience on how they may take successful photographs.


Wide World of Horses on RFD-TV

A monthly segment on Wide World of Horses on RFD-TV will feature Hall of Fame Trainer Les Vogt and friends as they help riders succeed with their challenges and have a great time doing it. During each show Les will take on a head-to-hoof project, ranging from helping a rider to start their first colt, enter their first show, and even to go down the fence for their first time in preparation for a cow horse class.  
With the help of a hand-picked team of experts Les will cover every element that will help the horse & rider team to reach their goal with confidence. Watch for the shows to be loaded with training tips, guidelines for choosing the right equipment, help from vets and farriers, and the latest strategies for maintaining your horse’s health and happiness.   

Les, now one of the world’s most popular performance training clinicians, has won over 15 world championships in reining and reined cow horse events. In addition to his career in the saddle, Les has successfully developed a number of leading edge tools for horsemen including equine boots, the Les Vogt's silver bits/spurs and Les Vogt's Performax bits/spurs and training programs such as Cowhorse U and Five Easy Pieces.  Throughout the horse world Les is known for his big smile and big heart, sincerely working to insure that  every rider can have a chance to enjoy horses as much as he has.  

September 18, 2006

The largest silver bit and spur company in the world raises the bar.

Les Vogt’s Silver Bits & Spurs currently offers over 500 cheek piece designs, more than 110 mouthpieces equaling 5,500 combinations and 250 spur designs. “If that doesn’t satisfy your needs, we’ll customize your order,” promises Vogt.

Les Vogt’s Silver Bits & Spurs is equally concerned with performance enhancement through bits and spurs and the pursuit of perfection in quality workmanship. The world champion continues to personally design and test every prototype piece.

The National Foundation Quarter Horse Journal